The Fondue and Raclette Season in Renny's Chalet is  over...


...and it was f*# great! Thank you for your visitig - we hope, you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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See you sooon!

Renny's Chalet

 What was the competition?

The smallest fondue chalet in the world... Or is it not? 

The one who can prove with a Selfie the existence of a smaller Fondue Chalet wins one night in the Presidential Suite. Just post the Selfie with both Hashtags #renzrhtower #smallestchalet

The first 15 participants that find a smaller chalet win. Please note that once a chalet is named, it can not be renamed for the win (offer valid until 26.01.2020).


Who is Renny?

So who the F*#K is Renny?

Renny is the product of a our very own Chreis Foif Festival (Check it out: where we live painted him with the super talented artist Fredinko.
As we are so proud of Renny, we decided to name everything after him, sorry about that :)




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